How to protect your money from scams?

November 18, 2019 1 By vipearn

How to protect your money from scams?


Every investment carries a risk no matter what type of investments, but if you invest in Hyips, the risk can be huge.

The Hyip programs are unstable and 100% of them will stop paying without exception, even working 1, 2 years or more.

But despite the huge risks, you can reduce it and earn quite well, if you diversificate your investments.

What mean to diversificate your investments?

This is really simple, you just need reduce the risks by investing your capital in several investment projects.

For example:

If you invest $2000 in one Hyip and the site stop paying you will lose your money.

But if you invest in 10 Hyip sites $200 each, and if one of them stop paying the losses will be covered by income from the others.

As you see, there is nothing difficult in diversifying funds, this method really reduces the possible risks to a minimum.

But you can minimize the risks if select really high-quality projects. You can find them in our "Paying lists projects".

If you invest in clear scams who offer not normal profits more than 5% daily, 200% in 1 day etc, diversification will not work.

It's very important to allocate some of your investments in long term projects like DFC, MPT etc.

It is clear that the prjocets with huge returns come with huge risks, and low-income projects are the safest.

I recomend you to invest 70%-80% from your capital in safest projects and 20% - 30% in average and high risky programs.

By following the principle of diversification, do not forget about other important rules of investment, which together will increase the chance of success:

Carefully analyze the projects you select for diversification. Pay attention to the technical side of the project, its marketing, evaluate the promotion, the opinion of other investors.

Be sure to enter the project via our referral link, to be able receive a RCB money from us, and get quick returns your money, which means you reduce the risk of losing money.

Do not add a lot of projects in your portfolio - let them be several, but you will be as confident as possible in their work capacity.

Choose new projects that have started recently.

Use the tactics of cunning in projects that pose the greatest risks (high percentages) and the tactics of reinvesting interest in HYIPs that inspire confidence.

Try to choose projects with the shortest possible investment terms, as well as those that return the deposit in payments, and not at the end of the term.

Be sure to keep records of your investments and analyze the results for a certain period (daily, weekly, monthly).

If you join our RCB team we will create a special investment portfolio table for you.

And you will be able to add deposits cash outs new programs etc, all in your portfolio page will be calculated automatically.

Diversification of funds is a method that many investors work with, not only in the HYIPs.

You must follow this if you want your investments to bring profit, not losses.