Online-Tasks Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?  


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21/01/2019 6:27 pm  

Online-Tasks Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Online-tasks 'Paid To Click Site' Launch on 21/01/2019

This ptc has the status of LEGIT


>>Click here to rate Online-Tasks<<

Ways to make money in Online-Tasks" are:

  1. View Ads
  2. Direct Referrals
  3. Paid to signup offers
  4. PTC Wall
  5. Grid

Ads click rate is about 0,0001$ per click (50%) to 4200%!
And %10 to 100% per Direct referral click

We give a warm welcome! We hope he stays with us for a long time.  🤩 
It has good offers in advertising and in memberships. For only $ 2.99 we can buy the first membership for one month.
The site is updated daily and new things are added. Enter every day and discover the updates!
With several ways to earn money, it is a site that we are willing to continue using!

Last payments on the site >>here<<

TOS  >>here<< 


  • This PTC currently offers 2 daily ads per click price $0.0001 being a standar user. (Soon they will post more ads)
  • Payments by PerfectMoney and Payeer.
  • Minimum cashout is $5 and withdrawal time frame is 10 days.
  • Earn %10 to 100% per click of your referrals.
  • To date today the page has 160 + users.
  • This site has the status:  Paying. By looking the status you can see at a glance if it's scam or legit PTC.
  • Attention. Always use reference links to register for new PTCs. Why?
    Many PTCs  sell as direct referrals to all users who registered without referral link (with referral to Admin) without our consent.
    I invite you to use my link to be my referral in online-tasks, but you can use other if you prefer.


Please, leave your feedback and payment proofs here.

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