Tips Before Joining The PTC Programs

June 30, 2019 Off By vipearn

Tips Before Joining The PTC Programs

1. Open Payeer or PerfectMoney account using the same email address and username for both.

Although this is not a requirement for now, someday all PTC sites will require it.

It minimizes confusion on the part of the paying webmaster.

So, it is better this way if you want to get paid faster.

Do not use the same password for each account and your PTC password should be different with any of your payment processor password.

There are lots hackers, cheaters and scammers especially within the PTC industry.


2. After signing up, immediately activate your 4-pin number if available.


3. Read and study carefully the TOS (Terms of Agreement) of each PTC site you join.

Many TOS are ambiguous, so, visit and join their forum to gain more information.


4. The Internet is like a jungle full of snakes.

You can avoid being scammed by researching suspicious site on Google or in our Blog or Forum.

Type the name of the site on the search box

5. Nowaday 98% of new PTC sites are scam and soon will stop paying, within 1 year.

Do not invest too much in one PTC site. Invest an amount what you can afford to loose.

Withdraw your earnings regularly and immediately if possible.

Someday, almost all of the PTC sites will end up as scammers and only a handful will survive.

So, use your intuition and regularly check update for the latest news regarding these sites.